Weber Maschinenbau

After a one-year planning and construction phase, Webers's new Innovation Lab was built in Breidenbach, Hessen. ONWS developed an interior concept for Weber Maschinenbau GmbH that promotes agile forms of work and offers plenty of room and development opportunities for multidisciplinary teams. Flowing transitions between development and production should therefore also be immediately apparent: The previous boundary between office workplace and production was dissolved by the newly erected office building being directly attached to the existing production hall. One side of the hall was completely demolished and replaced by a two-storey glass façade.


More than 130 engineers, developers and computer programmers can now survey the development work from anywhere and at any time and are invited to use the versatile, agile working forms. For example in the open space, regular desks, breakout areas, scrum boards and retreat zones are available for all, while in the production hall, between the prototypes and test tracks, mobile workstations, high tables, telephone boxes and a fully equipped meeting cube are at the team's disposal. Another special feature is the cafeteria, which is positioned centrally in the production hall, offering plenty of space for large and small meetings of all kinds. It is not just a daily meeting place for employees, but also an invitation to customers to experience the innovative atmosphere of Weber's innovation lab.


Weber Maschinenbau GmbH, with its approx. 1,400 employees in 25 national and international locations, is one of the leading system providers for cold cuts and is therefore one of the most important addresses in the food processing industry.






Maschinenbau GmbH


Breidenbach, Hessen

ca. 1,200 sqm office space + built-ins in production hall